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Design at LYDESIGN is carried out by a team of designers led by a highly recognized designer who has won national level professional design awards.


In addition to our service of customized hand design, we provide Computerized Aided Designing (CAD) performed by a team of specialists under the guidance of a team leader trained in CAD Technology.

One of LYDESIGN’s core capabilities is CAD designing. We use

• Rhinoceros
• Flamingo
• Tech Gems
• Matrix

as the main software for our CAD designs.


LYDESIGN’s CAD designers initiate designs using the 3D CAD software system, Rhinoceros (Rhino), based on a hand-drawn sketch, sample or an image.

Upon approval of the CAD design by the in-house expert team in jewelry technology (Production Manager, Customer Care Manager, Chief Model Maker and the Chief Quality Controller), the design is sent for customer approval as a Rhino 3D file or as photo-realistic rendered images.

We carefully inspect all jewelry at this point to ensure both LYDESIGN and International Quality Standards are met, to guarantee quality assurance.

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