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Each and every wax item is checked for high quality prior to cast. Prepared wax trees are kept in a closed box which prevents the contact of dust with the wax trees until investing.

Air bubbles in investment mixture are removed by a vacuum vibrator machine prior to investing the wax trees in order to obtain high quality castings.


De-waxing is accomplished prior to oven burn out and this ensures smooth surfaces with less or no porosity


Two different types of Japanese machines are currently being used for the casting process. Depending on the material / metal needed, a centrifugal casting machine or a gravitational casting machine can be used. Highly skilled labor used in casting ensures the quality of casting while maintaining minimum cast and metal waste during the process. Cast items are checked for quality using qualitative methods as well as quantitative methods such as assaying, to maintain international standards.

We carefully inspect all jewelry at this point to ensure both LYDESIGN and Customer Quality Standards are met, to guarantee quality assurance.

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